Mid-Century Must Sees in Palm Springs

Palm Springs has long been known as a mid-century mecca of killer architecture, colorful backdrops, and jaw-dropping design, not to mention it has the some seriously amazing weather year round (if you like the heat like me at least!). With Modernism Week around the corner at the end of this week, I can’t help but wish I was there to drool over all the architecture with all the other mid-century fanatics. Can’t be there either? Keep reading to find out some mid-century spots in Palm Springs that can be seen year round and shouldn’t be missed.


Just driving through Palm Springs you’ll find several mid-century neighborhoods featuring those clean slanted rooflines, modern landscaping, and of course those dreamy colorful doors. Not only is it fun to roll the windows down and cruise the streets, it’s FREE. Popular mid-century neighborhoods include Vista Las Palmas, Twin Palms, and Deepwell Estates.


Like dozens of other celebrities, Elvis Presley frequented Palm Springs and even had his own home there. Elvis and Priscilla Presley lived here in 1966 and 1967, and honeymooned here after their wedding in May 1967, hence the name “Honeymoon Hideaway.” The best part? You can tour it! Can’t you just see yourself curled up on that sofa, listening to records in a shift dress with a dry martini in hand? Swoon.


Palm Springs is home to dozens of mid-century inspired hotels, but The Saguaro has always been one of my favorites for its bright color palette and laid-back atmosphere. The Saguaro features beautifully designed rooms, private balconies and patios, AND it’s dog friendly. Not to mention the pool setting is strait out of a movie set. Not staying there? Pop-in to check out the cute lobby and venture outside for a peek at the ole’ watering hole just for fun.


The Palm Springs Art Museum boasts three different locations, each with something unique to offer. Check out their Architecture & Design Center for an exploration of design and architecture related exhibitions. The entry is FREE every Thursday from 4:00 – 8:00pm, and just $5 every other time. Score!


Want to see the inside of some of the most beautiful homes in Palm Springs? This 2.5 hour, highly curated tour features both interiors and exteriors of some of the finest examples of mid-century architecture and design the city has to offer. The official tour of the Palm Springs Art Museum – Architecture & Design Center, The Modern Tour is on the pricier side starting at $200, but arguably worth every penny for true fanatics.


What mid-century fanatic doesn’t want to do some vintage shopping? Take a break from all the architecture, and pop into these vintage shops for some much needed retro clothing and accessory shopping all while supporting local businesses in the process.

The Frippery
The Fine Art of Design
Iconic Atomic

That’s a wrap! There is honestly so many more mid-century treasures to see in Palm Springs, but it would be impossible to cover them all in one post. Hopefully this serves as a good jumping off point, and be sure to comment your favorite spots below if I missed them. Happy traveling!