Home Sweet Home

Buying a house unexpectedly has been an absolute whirlwind, but we are finally starting to feel settled in our new home! It’s been hard being absent from the blog recently, but buying a house and finalizing wedding plans on top of a full-time work schedule is no joke. We still have quite a bit of designing and projects to cross off our list, but suffice it to say it is really beginning to feel like ours.

One of my favorite styled spots in the house is where our bar cart lives. When Michael and I first started dating we drank negronis pretty much every date, and it quickly became a special tradition of ours. Now we can carry that tradition on at home, which makes it that much more meaningful. Plus a bar cart just looks good, am I right?

Ah yes, the room where we hands down spend the most of our time. The kitchen! One of our favorite things to do is cook dinner together, so naturally the kitchen is where you can find us most. We really lucked out buying a home with a fully renovated kitchen that we also happen to love, so the only thing it really needed was stools for the island. The island, by the way, has been a game changer. How did we ever live without one?

When we first attended the open house for our home a couple of months ago, I think our jaws literally fell open when we walked into the main room. Lined with wall to wall windows, the main room also looks over the “backyard” which includes a forest and a babbling creek. A forest! And a creek! Although Atlanta is an incredibly green city with an abundance of trees, it is rare to find so much nature and privacy on properties in the city. Sometimes it’s hard to leave the couch because I just want to stare outside all day! One of our big goals for the new house is to eventually build an outdoor living space. Then I really won’t want to leave.

We’ve had so much fun getting everything set up together and making this house our home. Stay tuned for future bedroom tours. Happy weekend dudes and dudettes!