We’re Homeowners!

It feels so surreal to say it, but we bought our first home together! We’ve been looking at homes casually online for months now, but we never had the intention to actually BUY any of them. At least not yet. The plan was to get married in May and buy a house in the late summer. When we saw this mid-century house newly listed online, we thought we had to at least go take a peek at the open house. I mean, we didn’t have to buy it right? That same night all of our plans went out the window, and we decided to put in an offer. Like we always say, when you know you know.

We are beyond excited to be moving into our new home in less than two weeks, eep! For now, we are re-painting the entire interior of the house (please send your thoughts, extra pizza and wine) and putting our own little touches on things. There’s a lot of work to be done, but we’ve never been more excited about a new adventure. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

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