Five Essential Ways to Style Enamel Pins

So you’ve started collecting some really cute enamel pins because well, they’re stinkin’ cute. But what exactly are you supposed to do with them? Keep reading to see my top five favorite ways to style pins.

First up is the oh so classic jean jacket look. I like to pin mine on the front towards the top so you can really show them off, but you could also place your pins on the collar or even on the back of a jacket. Sometimes I just place one or two pins to keep it simple, but if you want to spruce up an otherwise basic outfit you can pin a whole cluster of pins.

Another favorite way to style pins is to place a few on a handbag or a backpack. I often buy solid color handbags so I can mix and match them with my outfits easier, and by placing some pins on them from time to time they feel like a whole new purse!

A quick, easy way to show off your pins before heading out the door is to pin one or two to the collar of a shirt. I love being able to color coordinate my pins to certain outfits, and this Beat it Creep pin was a match made in heaven with one of my striped tops.

Easily one of my favorite ways to style those darling pins is to stick one on a favorite hat. I am a sucker for berets (I have five, no big deal) so that tends to be my go-to, but enamel pins look great on beanies, baseball hats, really any hat that is thin enough to stick a pin through!

Sometimes life gets hectic, and there’s just not time in the day to go around picking out and arranging enamel pins to stick on your hat or your jacket. And that’s where a hanging pin display really comes in handy! I made one very quickly and inexpensively using a small wooden rod and a piece of felt (stay tuned for a pin display DIY coming soon!) Hang it on your wall at home or in your office, and you can drool over your adorable pin collection all day without lifting a finger. Plus it makes really cute decor!

I hope this helps get those cute pins out of your jewelry box and into the world! Do you have a different favorite way to style your enamel pins?

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